A little bit of background

Whey boys
Hey! We’re the founders of Whey Box, thank you for visiting our website.

We’ve been passionate about health and fitness since we were young. As a result, whey protein has featured heavily in our daily routines for a long time, but the brands we have used never quite aligned with our lifestyle.

So, bored of big tubs and overly scientific labels we created a brand that fits our ethos and a service that compliments the ever busier world we live in.

The result, Whey Box!

The most convenient whey

Whey Box is fundamentally about one thing: convenience.

We wanted to create a product that was easy to order, easy to keep and easy to use.

Once signed up, this box will hit your doormat every month without you ever having to re-order.

Uniquely delicious

Every brand claims it, so we might as well too! But seriously, we know you’ll love the flavour.

We’ve created 10 for you to choose from so that boredom never gets the better of you.

Even after you’ve signed up you can log in to your account and change your preferences at any time.

A variety of options

Not content with ‘just’ being a protein brand, we’ve added each flavour to almost every porridge, smoothie and healthy bake out there.

As a result, we’ve got loads of tasty recipes to share with you.

We’d love you to share your own recipes with us!


cookies and creamTasty stamp
Each 30g sachet contains around*:

120 calories
22g protein
3g carbs
2g fat

*this varies marginally from flavour to flavour and will obviously change when added to milk or other recipes. You can find the exact details here.

That’s all from us


It’s over to you now. We’ve created Whey Box just for you, so join us in enjoying the most convenient way to get your whey protein fix!