Written by Whey Box

Now the Whey Box team are not pro-athletes or figure models; we just want a healthy lifestyle that we enjoy.  One in which we work hard, play hard, eat freely and feel great whilst meeting the demands of busy work, home and social schedules.  As such any restrictive eating practices are way out of our comfort zone! These 3 simple tips are how we approach eating and should help anyone who aligns themselves to a similar lifestyle.

Firstly, let me start by establishing what we mean diet. We don’t mean a short term fad, process or bright spark pseudo-science based scheme designed to drop 3 stone in a month. We mean diet in the proper sense; the dictionary definition of diet is “the food and drink usually eaten or drunk by a person or group”.  As such you can see straight away why we dislike any of the short term approaches to eating which call themselves diets.  A diet is an ongoing behaviour, a way of eating, a lifestyle, a key part of you being you.

This leads nicely into tip 1 – Reframe don’t blame.

Instead of thinking of healthy eating as a chore or challenge, tell yourself and believe that it is simply how you are.  It’s what you do.  Mentally realigning this change takes away the thought or the potential that it is short term, with an end date, and makes you much more likely to stick to it.

Tip 2 – Replace don’t remove.

Taking a scythe to your diet, which potentially holds many of your pleasures and rewards is detrimental to sustainability and perseverance. We all want to enjoy our lives and not feel too restricted.  Therefore instead of completely removing the ‘naughty’ things from your diet try replacing them with a similar but better version or substitute. Here are some examples:

  • Got a sweet tooth? Find yourself reaching for that large bar of chocolate? Try replacing it with some dark chocolate. This will still allow you to get your sweet response, but its rich flavour means it is much more filling and so less is needed.  There is also some evidence that shows eating dark chocolate can be good for you as it’s high in anti-oxidants.

Look for at least 70% cocoa solids in the chocolate – one of our favourites is Green & Blacks which has the added bonus of being organic.

  • Shake it up at breakfast. A great breakfast on the go is a homemade shake using any range of ingredients which can give you the energy and immune boosting start to the day you need.  Combining fruit, vegetables, oats, protein powder, nuts and seeds you can get a delicious, healthy and filling start to the day. Try this:
    • Blend together ½ cup oats, handful mixed berries, cup almond milk, 30g vanilla whey protein (a Whey Box sachet is perfect for this!), handful spinach, tsp ground flaxseed. To make it thicker try blending in some ice.

(top tip – use frozen berries and spinach – the ingredients can be stored for longer before use and give a delicious thickness to the shake when blended).

Tip 3 – Fill up don’t fill out.

Try replacing some of the stodgier, filling and ultimately probably unhealthy elements of your meals with more filling, healthier alternatives.  A large green salad or big portion of green veg is a great replacement for your starchy carbs.  These are nutrient filled, fibre laden and give you the full feeling without all the empty calories.

Other, more exciting options include courgetti spaghetti and cauliflower rice.  The taste and texture are amazingly similar to their starchy cousins, but the benefits greatly outweigh them.

So there you have it.  Healthy eating needn’t be a chore or a pain. It can be liberating and actually you may just enjoy the new tastes that it has to offer!