Written by Whey Box

In the ‘3 Easy Diet Hacks’ article we talked about ‘replace don’t remove’. For those who haven’t read it (you really should – it’s on the blog page here!) ‘replace don’t remove’ is an easy way to improve your eating habits without punishing yourself and restricting what you can and can’t eat. It gives the feeling of eating the rewarding food with less of the negative affects by replacing the offending food with a similar, healthier option.

The 5 foods listed here fall in to this category and if used instead of their more regular counterparts, could have great health benefits. We’re not claiming they’re super foods which will immediately make your life better, but the cumulative effect will more than likely bring benefits to your body composition and wellbeing.

Black bean pastas

Instead of durum wheat being used to make the pasta, black beans are the main ingredient. This food stuff is 48% fibre (giving you the full feeling) and with a lower GI will have a less drastic effect on your insulin and energy levels. The taste and consistency are almost identical to pasta and so this replacement is easy to make without affecting the sensation of the dish.


A really flexible grain that can be substituted for rice, porridge and cous-cous amongst other things.

It’s higher in protein and fibre and has a lower GI than its other grain-based cousins. It is cooked in the same way and if combined with other healthy substitutes (eg. almond milk) makes a great healthy change to your diet.

Coconut Flour

With up to 11x more fibre than regular flour this replacement is gluten free and doesn’t leave you feeling so bloated as regular flour often does. With less carbohydrate it doesn’t affect your insulin levels as much as other flours and so is a great choice for celiacs and diabetics. It’s light and so makes for great cakes and other baked products!

Coconut Water

This drink is becoming more widely known, accepted and consumed. With various brands available and now being stocked in most supermarkets there really is no excuse for not trying it!

High in electrolytes with no added sugars this makes it a great rehydration fluid and hands down better for you than other sports drinks.

Almond Milk

A dairy free alternative to cow’s milk this substitute is low in sugar, and doesn’t have the negative after affects associated with lactose consumption. Ever feel full, bloated and lethargic after having milk? That’s the lactose causing inflammation in the stomach. Almond milk doesn’t have this affect and so offers the best of both worlds – you can have your milk without the ill feeling afterwards.

It goes great in shakes mixed with whey protein, fruit and ice, can be used in cooking and for any other application in which you would have previously used cow’s milk.

So there you go – 5 easy substitutes.  5 great tasting, easy to use foods that are easily available and that if used in your regular diet can have beneficial health effects.

So why not give them a try and let us know what you think?!