Written by Whey Box

With longer days and better weather, our summers are often jam packed with lots of fun and exciting things. It’s the best time to unwind, make the most of the longer, lighter days, soak up the sun, and jet off to an exotic holiday location.

And, while this is all well and good, there is no doubt that, for many of us the warmer months wreak havoc on our normal health and fitness routines.

Because let’s face it, spending time with friends in a sun-drenched pub garden is far more appealing than slogging away in a sweaty gym of an evening!

If your usual healthy routine has gone out the window this summer, don’t beat yourself up! Cherish those sun kissed memories and read some of our tips and tricks that will help you get you back into your post-summer routine!


During the hotter months, our appetites and eating routines change quite considerably from the rest of the year. Especially, when we’re away from home, we might not always be able to make the healthiest of choices. This means that convenience foods, ice creams and sugar-loaded cocktails are often consumed in abundance. Then there is the challenge of BBQ food, where portion control well and truly goes out the window!

And what’s more, the longer days usually mean later eating times - all of which wreak havoc with our waistlines and our sleeping patterns.

Now the summer is over, it’s time to get meal planning and prepping. Stock up on nutritionally dense, whole foods like eggs, lentils, beans, fresh poultry, sweet potatoes and fruits and vegetables. This is the perfect time of year for warming soups, curries and stews. It’s definitely worth always having some snacks on stand by too; to ensure your blood sugar levels are kept stable. Handfuls of nuts and handy sachets of Wheybox protein powder, for example, are great, portable snacks to keep in your bag for when hunger strikes.

Not only will this ensure you’re kept feeling full and energised, it will help you save a ton of money!

Get goal setting

Setting yourself a realistic fitness goal is also a great way to get you motivated to get back into a healthy routine. And this goal doesn’t have to be weight related! Perhaps you want to be able to do a pull up by the end of the year? Or to touch your toes during a forward bend in yoga? Whatever your goal is, it will give you something to aim for. And once you start seeing results, there’s no doubt you’ll be more inclined to keep coming back for more.

Make a schedule

It might seem like a tedious task, but scheduling your week is a must when it comes to getting back to into your routine. Trust me, it will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run! Also, once you’ve written it down, it’s more official, meaning you’ll be less likely to bail or allot that time to something else.

Tip* The weather in the UK is unpredictable, to say the least. So, say you’ve planned an evening run and it starts bucketing it down; it’s always great to have a plan B. This way you wont be tempted to snuggle up on the sofa in front of Netflix instead!

Prioritise Sleep

Regardless of the time of year, it’s crucial that you’re getting enough shuteye. The long, light summer days often mean earlier waking times and later bedtimes, which will have naturally altered your sleeping routine. Aim to go to bed slightly earlier, if possible and wake up around the same time every day to help set your body clock to an ideal sleep pattern.

The darker mornings can make it more of a struggle to get out of bed, which is amplified if you’re sleep deprived. Ideally we should be getting around 7 to 9 hours a night. This will ensure that you wake up feeling energised enough to smash a workout and to stay motivated to stick to your new routine!

Getting plenty of sleep is also essential when it comes to recovery, as it prevents your body from being in a state of stress.

Don’t be too hard on your self

Finally, be kind and patient with yourself. Even with the best intentions in the world, there will be days or weeks where are routines are unavoidably disrupted. No matter how well organised you are, sometimes life happens! When it does, accept that things haven’t gone to plan and simply get back to your healthy routine as soon as you can!

Guest post by: Holly