Written by Whey Box

We’re constantly working to improve Whey Box, whether that’s by introducing vegan options, more flavours or different serving sizes – we will always strive to bring you the best possible products in the most convenient way.

Convenience is always will be at the core of our mission, but convenience doesn’t always mean conscious.

The Whey Box Team is made up a group of fitness enthusiasts, we love a good challenge and getting outdoors (though, we do love a good pub too!). Therefore, we want to do what we can to take care of our environment and after months of work we’re on the road to making Whey Box A LOT greener!

You may notice that our chocolate sachets look and feel a little different. This isn’t because we’re cutting packaging costs! We’ve been working with our packaging partner on a new laminate which is much more optimal from a recycling perspective.

This revolutionary new material is a 2 layered construction, as opposed to the traditional 3 layers produced in this sector and removes Aluminium from its content. It's 30% more efficient during the manufacturing process (with reduced Co2 emissions) and is a lightweight alternative to the current industry ‘standard’ pack. The material can be incinerated for energy recovery, with no Chlorine emissions in combustion. This makes all our packaging recyclable and ensures Whey Box is moving faster than many of our competitors to reduce the amount of landfill packaging in the sports nutrition industry! Gradually we will be introducing this packaging across our full range!

Lots of green love from,

The Whey Box Team