Written by Whey Box

With the holiday season in full swing, many of us will be jetting off to various exotic locations where our normal routines are likely to be thrown out the window. And despite having good intentions, there's a good chance that, for many of us, our healthy habits will be very much neglected too! Now of course you should be treating yourself, heck you are on holiday and that's what holidays are for! However, overindulging whilst remaining sedentary every day for a week (or 2 if you're lucky!) can often leave us feeling sluggish and bloated, as opposed to relaxed and rejuvenated. 


If you want to avoid the post-holiday bloat, take a look at the tips below, which will enable you to stay happy and healthy on holiday - with minimal effort! 



Be strategic at the Breakfast buffet


I'm pretty sure we've all been in the situation where, you arrive at the hotel breakfast buffet, only to be met with an overwhelming amount of choice. How on earth are you possibly able to settle on one breakfast option when there is such a vast selection of glorious (and unlimited) food to feast on?! 


As tempting as it is to go back for seconds (or thirds!) every morning, loading up your plate with vast quantities of everything just isn’t going to do you any favours. Instead, why not try something new every day? 


Perhaps opt for eggs one morning, pancakes the next, the cereal selection after that, and so on. That way you're able to sample all the delicious options without going overboard! 



Stay active


Now whilst holidays are the perfect time to rest and recuperate, staying sedentary the entire duration of your trip can actually make you feel more lethargic than if you’ve been a little active. 


I'm not saying you should run 10 miles down the beach every morning, but at the end of the day, our bodies like to move and they really benefit from doing little bits here and there to stay active whilst you're away. 


-       Swimming is always a great option; it works so many muscle groups and is also a great way too cool down! If the option is available, why not go snorkelling? This is a great way to explore the local marine life and can often be so absorbing that you forget you’re ‘exercising!’- win win! 


-       Walking as much as possible is also a great, easy way to stay active, so perhaps consider strolling round the local town, or walking to the next beach? 


-       Yoga is also a fantastic way to move your body whilst building strength and flexibility. If you don’t know a yoga sequence off the top of your head, there are plenty of awesome videos on YouTube to follow along to!


-       If you're really keen, why not hit the hotel gym or do a quick HIIT routine in your room (again, there are plenty available on you tube!). Just think, if you work out first thing in the morning, you can enjoy that smug post workout feeling whilst lounging in the sun for the rest of the day. 


Drink a tonne of water


If you're in a hot country this shouldn't be a difficult one! There are so many reasons why consuming lots of water is super important.


Obviously staying hydrated is really essential, regardless of your location (particularly if you're working your way through the cocktail menu every night), however, drinking a sufficient amount of water also prevents headaches, nourishes your skin and helps to make you feel more energised (which can never be a bad thing right?!). An absolute minimum of 2 litres a day is recommended. Keep a reusable bottle with you to fill up throughout the day and make sure to drink lots with meals.  



Come prepared with snacks


Particularly if you’re staying at a hotel, the snacks available are generally highly processed and high in carb and fat- which is not ideal in vast quantities. Therefore, coming prepared with snacks is highly recommended for when you get peckish in between meals. 


 The Wheybox sachets, for example, are the ideal, portable snack to take away with you. Stir up with some yoghurt or a glass of ice-cold milk or water for a refreshing and satisfying snack. Not only will this keep your blood sugar levels stable, the high protein content will keep you feeling full and energised for longer! 


They are also great to add to your oats in the morning, for an extra protein (and flavour!) hit. 


Embrace your beauty sleep


If your normal, busy life is causing you to lack sleep, your holiday is the perfect time to catch up! Having an early night or a little afternoon nap is totally acceptable on holiday - listen to your body and give it the rest it needs.

Not only will a bit more slumber time help you feel super recharged, it will also help you stay more mindful about your food choices.

I hope these were helpful and that you come home feeling fantastic after your holiday!

Guest post by the lovely Holly!