Written by Whey Box

Summer is a wonderful time of year; the sun is shining and all you want to do is be outdoors. What that does mean, though, is that the last thing you want to be doing is sweating it out in a stuffy gym while all your friends are out sunning themselves at the park. Try our summer park bench workout which targets the full body so that you can soak up the rays, enjoy the benefits of outdoor training, and even rope in your friends too! All you need is a park bench, no other equipment, so it’s accessible for anyone and is suitable for beginners.

Foot Taps

Our first exercise will get your heart rate up ready for this killer workout and will also work on your balance and coordination. Stand in front of the bench facing it, far enough away that you can tap the bench with your toes. Lift one leg and tap your toes onto the bench, then jump onto the other leg and tap the toes on the bench. Keep repeating this so that you have a good rhythm going and use your arms for balance. Try not to edge closer to the bench as you progress through the exercise.

You can go as fast or as slow as you like, especially if the bench happens to be quite high. Try to complete 30 seconds without stopping, or go up to 45 seconds if you’re more advanced. Keep your core tight and breathe calmly to get through this exercise well.

Touch Squats

This exercise will torch your glutes for those summer booty gains as well as adding definition and strength to the rest of your legs. Start in front of the bench, this time facing away. Slowly lower down into a squat until your bum lightly touches the edge of the bench, but don’t sit on it. As soon as your bum taps the bench, squeeze back up to standing. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps.

Take it slow and keep the movement really controlled for maximum results. Clasp your hands together and hold them in front of you to help keep your chest up and stay looking up and ahead the whole time - don’t look down at the bench.

Tricep Dips

This is a classic exercise to target the backs of the arms and tone up those trouble areas that arise when wearing vests and short sleeved tops. Stand in front of the bench, facing away from it. Place your hands behind you on the bench so that your fingers are facing you and your palms are flat on the bench. Slowly extend your legs out in front of you so that your arms are holding your weight. Slowly lower yourself down until your shoulders are in line with your elbows and then use your arm muscles to push yourself back up. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps.

You can make this exercise easier by bringing your feet closer in towards the bench, or harder by stretching them out further. Always keep your bum close to the bench.

Incline Push Ups

This is a slight variation on regular push ups which makes them a little easier and will target your chest and shoulders to get definition in your upper body ready for swim suits and summer tops. Face the bench and place your hands flat down on the seat, shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself down into a press up and then push back up. Keep your spine neutral by not dropping your head and keeping your back flat. Breathe in as you lower yourself down, and breathe out as you push yourself back up. Complete as many reps as you can!

Mountain Climbers

Our final exercise is a finisher to torch your core, arms, and legs as well as getting you out of breath and making you feel like you’ve completed a job well done. Start in the same position as you did for your incline push ups. Draw one knee in towards your chest, then swap to the other, then continue to run your legs in this way. Try to complete 30 seconds unbroken, or 45-60 seconds if you’re more advanced. Keep your shoulders over your wrists and squeeze your core tight.