Written by Whey Box

We may be the perfect addition to your average day... but it turns out we're also pretty handy for those days when you plan to cycle across the country

Were so happy that our little sachets could help a big adventure! 

On the 30thApril 2019, I am embarking on one of the toughest challenges I have set myself, cycling 863 miles from Land’s End (the most southern point of mainland UK) to John O’Groats (the most northern point of mainland UK) to raise money for Guide Dogs UK.

I will be doing this challenge in no longer than 5 days, cycling up to 12 hours a day and averaging 166 miles on the bike per day. Each day I will be burning around 9,100 kcal which is over double the normal intake for an active male. With this in mind, I came to WheyBox to see if they could help me with my nutrition for my Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) challenge.

WheyBox protein will help me gain my course of protein before, during and after each day’s ride. Using the protein in different forms to get the best use out of the WheyBox protein. For example, I will be using 1 sachet (usually chocolate or vanilla works well and tastes so good) in the morning with my porridge oats and milk to provide protein to help with muscle recovery even during my ride, as I will be cycling for such long periods of time. I will be mixing this protein to ensure I am gaining sufficient protein in my calorific meals to get me through the first part of the day.

I will also be using home made flapjacks / protein bars during my ride with some of the WheyBox protein in, I think I’ll be using the Cookies and Cream flavour for these!! These snacks will be great for me to eat throughout my ride to ensure I am getting the right nutrition in and keeping fuelled up all day.

Cycling for up to 12 hours a day (if everything goes to plan) will surely take its toll on the body, with serious amounts of muscle fatigue and soreness. One of the most important elements of this challenge will be the recovery from one day to the next, being able to get the best rest and nutrition to help with muscle recovery so I am ready for the next day.

After doing a lot of research on nutrition and the benefit of protein to aid muscle recovery, it was clear that I needed to looking into getting some more protein into my nutrition plan. As protein is essential for the recovery of the muscles, helping the body to begin quickly healing the micro tears in the muscles, it will be good for me to have a supply of protein to hand, when finishing each day of the bike ride.

So why WheyBox?

WheyBox offers really convenient sized sachets of protein which won’t take up much room on my trip. Space is at a premium when having to carry all my equipment, clothes and gear that I need for the 5 days, on my bike. The sachets are perfect to stash away in the small pockets of space I have left in my luggage. Having small sachets also means I don’t have to just have one flavour for the whole trip, but having a wide range of flavours to choose from each day.

For the build up to the bike ride, WheyBox are able to deliver their protein (which is Gluten Free) in small boxes as a subscription, or as an individual order tailored to the flavours you want, giving you the option to have Vegan protein too. The flavours on offer are so varied, you can always find something which you want and will enjoy, depending on what you’re craving that day, providing  great variety of taste to your everyday routine.

I will write a follow up after my Land’s End to John O’Groats on my progress and how WheyBox performed and aided me on my trip.

I would also like to thank WheyBox for supporting myself on this 863 mile cycling challenge to raise money for Guide Dogs UK. Any support is always welcome and hugely appreciated, if you would like to donate, please head to my Just Giving page, thank you.