Written by Whey Box

As well as being protein connoisseurs, some of the Whey Box team are also keen marathon runners who love to rack up some serious mileage. We know what it takes to get your legs (and head) around 26.2 miles… yes, it involves lots of delicious protein porridge and recovery protein smoothies!

With the famous London Marathon approaching this weekend, a race we have loved racing in as well as spectating, we thought we would share some of our race day tips with you to ensure a spectacular day!

1. Stick to what you know

Make sure you’re not trying any crazy new breakfast on race day, your body probably won’t be happy that you’re being adventurous today. We always recommend eating the same breakfast which you have tried and tested on all of your training runs.

2. Stick to what you know

Did we say that already? Yeah, we did, but this time we mean your kit. Don’t be getting carried away at the expo and invest in a whole new wardrobe and pair of trainers to look cool on race day… chaffing isn’t cool!

3. Fuel and hydrate

Whatever the weather, you need to replenish your hydration and glycogen levels when running a marathon – and it’s easy to forget in all the excitement! The last thing you want is to meet the dreaded ‘wall’, so make sure to keep on top of your nutrition plan!

4. Pace yourself

It’s very easy to get over excited in a marathon and find yourself heading out faster than your 5k pace and feeling like your flying! The atmosphere and crowds are like magic dust and your legs barely touch the ground. A marathon is a long way, so it’s a good idea not to start out too fast, and stick to your plan so you don’t suffer in the back end of the race.


The most important part. Love every second of it. Take in every sight, smile, clap of encouragement, there’s nothing that will top the feeling at the end of this race, so enjoy it!

Good luck runners!