The most Convenient Whey

What Is Whey Box?

In a word, convenience.

We were tired of big tubs of protein with overly aggressive branding, so we created Whey Box with three things in mind: convenience, variety and taste.

Single-serving sachets of whey (and vegan protein!) in up to 15 delicious flavours, available on subscription or as a one-off.

You can choose which flavours you receive and you can mix and match between whey and vegan protein!

There are 10 sachets in a box!

Pick your Flavours
Gluten Free
Suitable for coeliacs
GMO Free
No nasties!
(Vegan blend also available!)
From Grass Fed Cows
Sourced from grass fed cows

Here are just some of the ways we're using our protein...

Whey Box has them all. Perfect in porridge, super in smoothies, delicious as a dessert. Or if you're in a hurry just pop a sachet in your pocket. Here are just some of the ways we're eating our protein...

Cookies & Cream Energy Balls
Read the Recipe
Brownie batter overnight oats
Read the Recipe
Vanilla Protein Bars
Read the Recipe

Exceptional Nutrition

Our Whey Box sachets are small but mighty, with fantastic macros in each:

Over 20g Protein

Less than 4G Carbs

Less than 3G Fat

Pick your Flavours

How Whey Box Works

Pick Flavours

Pick your Flavour

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from £14.99

You choose how often you want a box and you can change your flavours at any time!


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one payment, one delivery

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Delivered to your desk or door